The Use of Radiology Technologies to Diagnose and Heal

The Use of Radiology Technologies to Diagnose and Heal

Among the numerous techniques employed by doctors around the world, when it comes to diagnosis, radiology is one of the most popular due to the fact that, unlike other methods, radiology is completely non-invasive and highly accurate for diagnosis of numerous ailments.

Radiology makes use of non-invasive scans for high-detail imaging through low doses of radiation on the concerned area. Some of the most widely used radiology techniques are X-Rays, ultrasound, computed tomography, and MRI scans. Health issues such as cardiac conditions, broken or fractured bones, irregular clotting of blood, and even some cancers can be accurately diagnosed through this process.

Radiology Technology

Not all radiology tech actually use radiation, and the use changes from one method to the next. Commonly used machines are X-ray machine, CT Scanner, and the MRI machine.

  1. CT scanner: This equipment uses x-rays to create clear cross sectional images of the human body. It is especially used to study ailments at areas of the body that are related to soft tissue.
  2. X-Ray machines: Using low doses of electromagnetic radiation, x-ray machines are able to create images of the internal areas of the body, that can be further used by health specialists to diagnose and treat patients more efficiently.
  3. MRI Scanner: This machine uses the resonance of magnetic fields to take images of the internal body. It is especially used to create images of parts such as bones, because such pictures cannot be taken clearly by CT scanners.

Depending on the ailment being diagnosed and the body parts being observed, patients may require anaesthesia for observation purposes or else the consumption of certain chemical compounds that are needed to view the function of blood vessels across the body.

Radiology in Healing

Radiology can also be used in medical procedures, as a non-invasive way to diagnose and treat cancers, blockages in blood vessels, bone health, and the functioning of vital organs like the kidney and liver. It is done with the help of technologies such as MRI scanners, ultrasound machines, CT scanners etc. In such procedures, the patients are usually left awake, or in a few cases given mild sedatives.

It is important that these procedures are performed by specialists who have extensive experience and training in the field in order to ensure that the entire process is safe, and that the results are absolutely accurate.

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